Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the questions we are often asked regarding our tours, booking information and our coaches. If you have questions not answered here, please contact our office or submit your enquiry using our contact us form.

Booking your tour

Q. Do you send the tickets when I book online?

A. No, we are aware that people can be on holiday when they buy their tickets so we never send them. We send an email confirming the tour purchase and tickets can be collected from our office at 87 High Street the morning of the tour departure or before.

Q. Can I book over the phone?

A. Yes you can - call our reservation centre on +44 131 557 0162 open daily from 08:00hrs until 21:00hrs (UK time).

Q. Am I entitled to a concession ticket?

A. Concession tickets are for students with a valid student ID or passengers of 60 years old and over.

Q. I keep getting a credit card declined error message while trying to book. What do I do?

A. Our reservation centre staff are very knowledgeable and will be happy to help you to complete your booking. Call +44 131 557 0162 or email: [email protected]

Q. How far in advance should I book my Tour?

A. Some of our tours require confirmation of availability before booking, this is specified on each individual tour page.

Q. Do you do customised tours for groups?

A. Yes, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will organise it for you. Please email us at: [email protected] for a no obligation quote.

Departure Day

Q. Where does my tour depart from?

A. Unless specified otherwise, all tours depart from outside our office at 87 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 1SG.

Q. What time do I check in for my tour?

A. You must be at the departure point 15 minutes prior to the advertised departure time.

Q. Can I book a day tour when I arrive?

A. Of course! We are happy to take booking on arrival. However, you may get better prices online and sometimes the tours are sold out. It is recommended that you book in advance.

Q. Where does the tour finish?

A. Our tours all finish back in Edinburgh City Centre, near to Waterloo Place.

About the journey

Q. Can I take my luggage with me if I take a day tour?

A. Yes, no problem at all. Our coaches have luggage facilities. Just remember to ask for them back at the end of the trip.

Q. Do your vehicles have on-board toilet facilities?

A. Most of our vehicles have toilet facilities. However, we cannot guarantee 100% this as vehicle may change up to the night before.

Q. Are the tours in English language?

A. Yes, the tours are conducted with an English speaking guide.

Q. Are breakfast and lunch included in the tour price?

A. No, they are not included in the tour price. We have stops where you can buy as you go along or you can bring your own picnic.

Q. When do I buy the combined optional visits to Urquhart castle and Loch Ness cruise?

A. This optional visit is purchased in cash on the coach the day of the tour.

Fidra Island
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